March 24, 2023

The Most Ridiculous Cryptocurrencies

A decentralized cryptocurrency with a garlic style that was released with the intent of being mined on consumer-grade hardware. Garlicoin, like Dogecoin, is a meme coin and is divided up into sub-units called “Cloves”. Garlicoin even has its own hashing system which is aptly called “Allium”, named after the garlic plants Latin name: Allium sativum.

Since DeepOnion is integrated with TOR it gives DeepOnion users those extra layers of protection. DeepOnion also provides its extremely own cryptocurrency wallet, DeepOnion Wallet.

When speaking about cryptocurrencies, individuals usually tend to concentrate on the more mainstream ones such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and so on. Todays focus will be on the more obscure, funny, outlandish, and even downright ridiculous cryptocurrencies to have actually popped up around the world. This might be since of how funny or odd the name of the coin is, or the odd objectives behind releasing the coin.

This wouldnt be a total list of absurd cryptocurrencies without mentioning PutinCoin after the famous TrumpCoin. PutinCoin is a blockchain-based fan coin running on the Scrypt algorithm devoted to the Russian community. PutinCoin was introduced to make it possible for decentralized trading and commerce for the Russian economy and was named after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. In spite of the funny name, PutinCoin is a versatile cryptocurrency which can be utilized privately or among companies, making it a beneficial option of crypto for basically anybody.

Lets start this list of outrageous cryptocurrencies off with among the originals, Dogecoin. Produced by IBM software application engineer Billy Markus and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer. When Dogecoin was launched on December 6, 2013, it was absolutely nothing more than a joke which snowballed into something serious, as within the first 30 days of its launch there had been over a million visitors to A while after Docecoins launch on December 19, 2013, Dogecoin jumped almost 300% in worth over 72 hours, with billions of Dogecoins daily. Thats one profitable joke.





What occurs when you blend potheads and cryptocurrencies? You get PotCoin, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which released on January 21, 2014, with the objective of ending up being the standard kind of payment for the legalized cannabis industry. Its unfortunate to state that, unlike Dogecoin, this cryptocurrency was not made as a joke, and its not the only one of its kind as there are lots of others such as Bongger, KushCoin, CannabisCoin, and more.



TrumpCoin, making crypto terrific once again. When reading the name, TrumpCoin is not a meme coin or a joke as lots of might presume. This coin was undoubtedly released in an effort to support Donald Trump and help raise funds for his election project a couple of months prior to he won the Presidential workplace.


Simply when you believed you d seen it all, an Ethereum-based coin for dentists appears. DentaCoin was developed by a group of young dental practitioners in March 2017, called the DentaCoin Foundation. It was established to support the oral community and intends to improve the quality of oral services worldwide. DentaCoin has good intents and we want them all the finest, but the thought of a dentist cryptocurrency is still incredibly amusing which is why its on the list.


This is indeed one of the funniest called coins on this list and has actually even received considerable reaction due to the name and branding. Coinye, formerly referred to as Coinye West, is a cryptocurrency that has been provided cease and desist letters for utilizing the similarity of Kanye West as its mascot, even though Kanye does not have any affiliation with Coinye. Coinye was initially set to launch on January 11, 2014, but David P. McEnery Jr. and his team were under tremendous legal pressure and needed to release the source code and mining software a couple of days prior to the arranged release on January 7.

Useless Ethereum Coin

The Useless Ethereum Coin is an extremely funny coin which is ensured to never depreciate in value, however whats the catch? If you invest in this coin, youre generally offering your cash away to a random individual on the internet. The site even says it right on the homepage; “Youre going to provide some random person on the internet money, and theyre going to take it and go purchase stuff with it.

TrumpCoin is not a meme coin or a joke as numerous may presume when reading the name. Garlicoin, like Dogecoin, is and is a meme coin divided up into sub-units called “Cloves”. The Useless Ethereum Coin is an extremely funny coin which is guaranteed to never diminish in worth, but whats the catch? If you invest in this coin, youre generally providing your cash away to a random person on the web.

This might be due to the fact that of how funny or weird the name of the coin is, or the odd intentions behind releasing the coin.

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