March 24, 2023

BitSler Casino VIP Program 

Whether you are a casino connoisseur or a newbie, Bitcoin gambling establishment VIP programs are a fantastic method to get your cashs worth while enjoying your gaming experience.

Even if you arent winning big, these VIP programs offer a lucrative chance to make some of your cash back. Whether its cashback, rakeback, specialized bonus offers, or account customization, there is a variety of rewards that can improve your gambling.

Today we will be having a look at the industry-leading cryptocurrency casino, BitSler, and how its VIP program works.

BitSler VIP Program Levels

In order to advance from the starting level to Iron 1, users will require to make 0.0002 XP. You will acquire access to the platform chat to communicate with other gambling establishment gamers when you reach Iron 4.

Our Take.

Your rakeback percentage will increase at every brand-new level you reach, and is accumulated from wagering on any BitSler games, omitting dice, baccarat, and sports. This gambling establishment likewise regularly uses advertising rakeback portions for restricted period..

BitSler Casino VIP Program Rewards.

As soon as you reach 600 XP, you will reach level Bronze 1 and be awarded a bronze key to unlock a bronze chest.

IronBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamondBlack DiamondDiamond MasterDiamond Legend.

BitSler gambling establishment has clearly put a great deal of idea and attention to information into producing its VIP program and it shows. Climbing up the ranks is not that difficult either, provided that users make an average of 2 XP for playing slots, and between 0-2 XP for playing table or live games..

The 9 BitSler VIP program levels are:.

Reaching the Silver level will start you off with access to the Billion Bets Events, and advancing to the Gold level will permit you to sign up with the BitSler Hourly Lottery. As soon as you make it passed the Diamond level, you will get multipliers for your chest earnings..

Users will get chests and benefits as they level up, with a random reward quantity being opened when opened, with the chance to win approximately $35,000. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond level users will receive particular secrets in order to open these VIP chests..

BitSler Chests.

As you continue to climb the levels, you will acquire access to a variety of platform advantages such as chests, rakeback, and other benefits. Lets have a look at a few of these benefits.

BitSler VIP program Gold levels.

VIP Rakeback Rewards.

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The other benefits users can gather along the method pertain to platform features. The very first rewards you can declare as an Iron level gamer are access to the live neighborhood chat and emojis. When you reach Bronze, you can likewise get rain payments from the chat..

There are 9 levels in overall, each including sublevels such as Iron 1, Iron 2, and so on. In order to progress to the next level or sublevel, you need to make XP through banking on games.

BitSler players will likewise be awarded increased rakeback as they progress through these VIP levels. Rakeback rewards just stake at the Gold level, and permit you to declare your rakeback every 2 minutes, or whenever you like..

This VIP program does not even encompass all the earning potential BitSler offers, as they still have an extraordinary choice of benefits and promotions for you to declare too.

Users will also be able to claim a Welcome chest, all you require to do is make a deposit of any amount in between $20 to $700. In addition to allowing you to open your very first chest and claim the benefits, this welcome plan will likewise offer a 100% match to your deposit of approximately $700..

While the level chests and secrets are interesting, we value the players can earn a chest and welcome reward from their first deposit. With a potential to make as much as $35,000 from a chest, this has to be among the most profitable VIP functions, in addition to the rakeback..

BitSlers VIP program deals with a level basis, whereby you advance to greater levels and benefits by making XP through betting..

Other VIP Rewards.

You can earn XP at BitSler by wagering on sports in addition to casino games, although it is to be noted users can just earn XP on sports wagering with chances over 1.4.

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