March 24, 2023

30% Extra Profit When Mining Ethereum Classic (ETC) with Zilliqa (ZIL)

Sep 2022

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is among the obvious options when it comes to changing your mining hardware from ETH after the PoW to PoS switch occurred, as it is easier and familiar, however success wise is it not amongst the coins that currently bring you the least loss (in regard to revenue). There is however something that you can do in order to enhance the circumstance a bit and that is to Dual-Mine ETC and Zilliqa (ZIL), comparable to formerly doing the same with ETH+ZIL Dual-Mining. Presently the reported extra earnings from ZIL is around 30+ additional percent compared to just when mining Ethereum Classic (ETC) by itself, though that worth can differ and be even greater sometimes, so certainly worth examining the Dual-Mining choice if you are just mining ETC at the moment. Obviously even in this manner you are most likely not going to even fully cover the electrical power expenses, however 30% more is still 30% more, so you can just gain additional and not loose anything if you are solo mining ETC.
— To Get Started Dual-mining ETC and ZIL on the Mining Pool …

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With the recent switch of Ethereum (ETH) from Proof of Mining (PoW) to Proof of Staking (PoS) there was a big modification in the crypto mining landscape. Now, a couple of days later there is still quite much nothing that can be stably mined with GPUs at a profit, even covering for the electrical energy that mining GPUs utilize with what you my own is still a problem.

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