March 24, 2023

Ukrainian Territorial Gains in September

From JohnH on 9/2/2022, in response to confidentials inquiry: “hows the crossing of the dneipr and reconquesta of kherson going?”

Its a stealth counteroffensive! Absolutely nothing in the United States media … a transformation from the heretofore triumphalist “Ukraine is Winning” narrative.
There is plenty in the Russian media: “Ukraine suffers heavy losses in stopped working offensive– Moscow”
Got ta keep sifting and winnowing to find the fact …
Heres the scenario on the ground since 9/29, according to ISW (light blue shading represents locations retaken by Ukrainian forces since 9/2):.

Ukrainian forces seem to be about to close another trap around Russian forces in Lyman:.


I will let readers answer for themselves the question JohnH posed on 9/2: “How is that trap exercising?” (that is feinting an attack in the south to draw troops away from the Kharkiv area)

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