March 24, 2023

Meet a Helpful Human – Eric Hegel

Liquid Web empowers its workers to be successful in whatever function they are in. I remember helping with a customer migration. You might hear the relief in the tone of this consumers voice as this long-standing issue was put to rest.
I would like our consumers to see the passion put into their products by our teams. I consistently see individuals and groups put in additional time and effort to guarantee our consumers have the finest experience we can put forth.

Responsive, practical, and devoted in methods automation merely cant be. Were your team.
Every month, we recognize one of our Most Helpful Humans in Hosting ®.
” I regularly see teams and individuals put in extra time and effort to ensure our customers have the best experience we can put forth.”
Meet Eric Hegel
A software developer from Lafayette, Indiana, Eric Hegel has actually been operating in the hosting market for over a years. He participated in Indiana State University, has worked in all levels of technical support, and has now spent over half his career with Nexcess/Liquid Web.
Why did you sign up with Liquid Web?
I started at Nexcess. I understood I wanted to stay and see what opportunities would end up being readily available when I discovered out Nexcess would be joining Liquid Web.
What draws you to the hosting market as a profession?
Hosting seemed like an industry in which I could truly construct a profession. And its an environment where I can continuously find out and establish new skills. Ive discovered to think in new, imaginative ways to provide solutions to issues that are not constantly simple.
Exists something specific about Liquid Web you just love?
Ive worked under several managers and members of management. They are some of the most valuable and caring people I have actually dealt with in my profession at Liquid Web.
Whats your favorite part about the business culture at Liquid Web?
All of the new chances. Those in management have actually always been truly interested in assisting to develop a development path.
In your eyes, whats the distinction in between Liquid Web and other employers?
Liquid Web empowers its employees to be successful in whatever function they remain in. A big example of this is that staff members are offered the time to discover. We are motivated to examine how something works and find out how to implement the very best solution rather than just finding the fastest resolution to a problem.
What is the most significant milestone youve accomplished?
Im happy to have joined the Managed Applications Development Team. My parents were both software application engineers. Having the ability to follow in their path and honor their memory in that method implies a lot to me.
Inform us about a remarkable customer experience you have actually had at Liquid Web.
I remember assisting with a customer migration. You could hear the relief in the tone of this customers voice as this long-standing problem was put to rest.
What are you understood for at Liquid Web? What do individuals particularly concern you for?
I consider myself to have a versatile ability. Integrated with my approachable mindset when provided with questions or requests from colleagues, I feel I am a good resource of details on various topics.
What is something you wish our consumers understood about their hosting?
I would like our consumers to see the passion took into their items by our teams. A question I hear regularly is, “How will this impact the user experience?” I routinely see groups and individuals put in extra time and effort to guarantee our clients have the very best experience we can present.
Work aside, what are a few of your hobbies?
I delight in reading, outdoor camping, tabletop video games, and misc jobs around the home.
What is your favorite app?
Kindle. Im currently reading the latest installment of the Dungeon Crawler Carl series.
If you could have supper with one celebrity [ dead or alive] who would it be?
My preferred author is Will Wight. I d love a preview into his future stories.
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